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Peeking & Flashing


The peek, also called the glimpse, is a move performed by the cheat in order to find out which cards lay on top or on the bottom of the deck. Different types of peek execute with different type of crooked deal, for example, the bubble peek (use to peek the top card) is executed with the second deal and the bottom peek is executed with the bottom deal. Once the shark notices one or two cards in the deck, may gain a tremendous advantages.

There are two main types of peeking, peeking the top card and peeking the bottom card. Some common type of peeking are list below:

Peeking the top card: Bubble peek, Heel peek.
Peeking the bottom card: Bottom peek, Double bottom peek.


Flashing is similar to peeking, except that in this case the dealer exposes the identity of a card (usually the top card) to one of the players. This player (the cheat's partner) may then signal the identity of the card to the dealer, so that the dealer can make an educated decision about whether or not to deal the top card, or to deal the second card instead. Alternately the player may just signal whether he wants the top card or the second card. In both of these cases the dealer must know how to deal seconds. If, however, the dealer can not deal seconds, the player can just use this knowledge to decide if he should ask for a card to be dealt or not. This cheating method is used a lot in blackjack.

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