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Cull Shuffling

Culling means placing desired cards in a group at a desired place in the deck. Usually it is either the top or the bottom of the deck. These cards may later be manipulated into desired positions so that they can be dealt to the winner (or looser).

A base dealer (a deader who specializes in bottom dealing) will retain the culled cards at the bottom and later deal them to the desired hand by dealing them off of the bottom. Alternately, a the cheat may actually shuffle the deck so that the cards actually end up in the correct position for dealing.

In most card games where there is a stake at issue the scrutiny is so close and the rules are so strict, that the expert card handler finds little opportunity to make an open selection of any particular cards. The slightest action that indicates such a purpose invites suspicion, and there is an old adage much quoted that runs, "If suspected, quit." However, there is a method of making many selections without a possibility of the design being detected, and in a manner so natural and regular that not a movement is made that indicates anything more than the purpose of thoroughly shuffling the deck.

Some examples of cull shuffling:

1. Erdnase system of cull shuffling

2. Riffle cull

3. The pickup cull

4. The discard cull

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