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Rich experience have taught Kif Chan the tightness of timeline and importance of appearance for your guests at these high profile events. Therefore, he will always use his professional knowledge to design a custom made show for your events. It is guranteed that he will transform your corporate event site into a myriad of colors and excitement with Kif Chan exclusive and magical performance!!!

Kif Chan have extensive experience in appraoching guests that they have never met in performance. With his unique brand of magic and warmth persona, can easily establish the rapport with our spectators, not only your guests will be encouraged to participate the magical happening, more importantly, they will be brought together.

By understanding that many venues do not facilitate a specific performing area, but this is not a problem at all, Kif Chan can perform magic entirely in the hands. By mingling with the guests at a reception, or by strolling between tables at a banque, our magicians will definately putting your guests at ease and bringing a magical 'sparkle' to your event.

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