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Table perfect faro vs In the hand perfect faro

There are basically two kinds of faro, table faro and in the hand faro, two of the technique have different purposes, in this article, i would like to talk about these two kinds of faro.

For talbe faro, someone stated that it is no use to master such sleight, as in the hand faro could do the same effect with minium difficulties, I think it is partially true. There is no denying that in the hand faro is much Much more easy then that of table faro, i still remember i can do in the hand faro with only several hours of practise, but for table faro, i practise it for almost several weeks! Therefore, that's why i can understand someone may state that it is worthless to master the table faro as there is a good alternative. However, most of the people just don't know the advantages for practising table faro.

There are several reasons that is worth to use table faro and i will discuss it one by one.

First of all, table perfect faro is a very difficult move, difficulties may arouse someone interest, just like me, enthusiast always want to overcome difficulties, difficulties may drive their motivations. Without difficulties/advance sleight, i do believe less people are willing to devote so much time on card magic. I strongely believe one of the reasons that card magic is so popular then any other magic, apart from card is portable and easy to obtain, is becuase card magic/sleight has different level of difficulties. You can learn and perform a card sleight/trick in just a moment of little pratise, or you have to devote many many hours to master an advance sleight, that's why card magic could keep so many followers(just like me).

Besides difficulties, let's talk about the real use of table faro. In the old day, table faro is mainly use by professional card cheaters, the main purpose of table faro is stacking the deck, stacking the deck means placing the desire card in desire positions while shuffling. Cardshark seldom use in the hand faro shuffle to stack deck because many people know about in the hand faro could result in perfect weave which is possible to stack deck, therefore, in order to avoid the chance to be discovered when cheaters cheating, they then use an alternative method to faro the deck, since it is impossible to imgine faro shuffle would be accomplished on the table, so that they may cheat others with this weapon undetectably. However, time has changed, more and more people know about table faro. Although table faro is popularized by magicians, people still can't imagine someone could master the move because of it's difficulties, therefore, table faro still a special weapon for some card cheaters.

The above same reason could be applied on magic effects, now more and more people like to applied gambling theme in their magic tricks or perform some gambling demonstrations, a professional card manipulator don't want any body know that he is going to stack the deck, so he may use table faro while stacking. Take me as an example, although i can't say i am a professional, but without doubt, i am a card enthusiast. In some of my show, when i notice that the audience's technical knowledge is quite high and they may know about in the hand faro, instead of using in the hand faro to stack deck, i will use table faro.

To conclude, differents sleights should have their different purposes, never try to under estimate any sleights. I sometimes heard someone stated that "Don't use this sleight, learn another which is more easy, this sleight is useless....", sometimes it is true, if the learner is newbie in card magic. However, if someone has abilitiy to learn difficult sleight, why should we discourage them? The result for discouragement may degrade the whole magic standard. If the one who discourage others could do the move, i think it is still ok, since maybe he just express his thoughts or experiences, however, i always hear that someone may don't even know how to do the move, just criticise the existence and versatility of the move, i think it is just a bullshit. Therefore, next time when you try to suggest someone that "Don't learn this sleight, it is useless, no trick could applied this move", just think about it first, is the move really useless? Can't applied to any tricks? Study more before say so, otherwise you are blocking hime from learning and furthermore, hindering the development of magic!

By Kif Chan

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