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False Cut

There are far too many false cuts invented nowadays since false cut could easily be developed. As in the case with false shuffles, some false cuts are 100% blind, others are not. Those that aren't 100% blind, are not necessarily inferior - they just serve a different purpose.

The main purpose of false cut is to combine with false shuffle and stronger the illusion that the deck is being well mixed, so that the players feel not tricky things are done (of course not really). Since in a honest card game, shuffle then cut is almost a must for the mixing procedure, so not only false shuffle is important, false cut also play a very important role on false mixing procedure.

First let's examine what an honest cut should be like. It is very simple - the deck is divided into two piles, then to complete the cut, the bottom pile is placed on top of the original top pile, thus reversing their order. At the conclusion of the cut, the deck should be squared.

This is the simplest cut there is, because the deck was divided into two piles. There is also a variety of triple cuts and even multiple cuts. All of the above can be faked. Many false cuts of the multiple variety are much to slick looking to be used by cheats and are more appropriate for magicians.

There are two main type of false cut: 1. on the table false cut, 2. in the hand false cut.

Some example of false cuts:

On the table false cut: table fake cut and illusion table cut

In the hand false cut: pass cut and Frank Thompson false cut

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